Welcome to tWAN Biotech Company

The tWAN Imaging CRO is established since 2013 aiming at serving drug/device trial sponsors, CRO and pharma/biotech companies on top of our imaging expertise and experience. Our service portfolio includes imaging clinical trial design/consultation, site/scanner qualification, blinded independent central review (BICR) and imaging training associated with clinical trial.

Our Strengths

  • Streamlining Trial by Cloud Technology
  • Steadfast Ally with Imaging Professionals
  • Broad Disease Coverage
  • Partnership with Leading Investigating Sites

Our Focus

Imaging CRO
Imaging Endpoint Process
Quantitative Tumor Response Evaluation
Imaging Biomarkers

Our Partners

Apollo Medical Imaging Technology
Apollo Medical Imaging Technology is a clinically-driven medical imaging software company specializing in the creation of advanced image processing software for clinical and research applications. tWAN Biotech carries Apollo’s product, MIStar®, since 2008. Together we provide a broad spectrum of advanced functions for clinicians, researchers and scientists at leading luminaries.
Mint Medical GmbH
ClinTrimag Services has a 25+ years track record in Clinical Trial Research. ClinTrimag Services delivers radiologic imaging (biomarker) Management Support to biotech companies and (Imaging) CRO’s. ClinTrimag Services covers virtually all aspects related to imaging biomarkers, ranging from Consultancy to hands-on Operational support. ClinTrimag's expertise covers various medical indications, treatment methodologies, radiologic imaging modalities and biomarker criteria. Services are very flexible and tailored to the Client wishes, collaborations can be regular project (phase) based or occasional support for Asia, EU and USA time zones
LISIT Co. LTD., founded in 2010, is the first company in Japan to fulfill the integration of clinical and medical imaging research and out-sourcing analysis service. Lisit specializes in medical imaging analysis and management services on imaging clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs, especially targeted therapeutic agents.
Infinity Information Solutions
Infinity Information Solutions is our IT partner for web strategy, data mining and statistical computing. Their expertise ranges from web and software development to AI applications based on neural networks and genetic algorithms.