Our Involvements in Clinical Trial Imaging

//Our Involvements in Clinical Trial Imaging
Our Involvements in Clinical Trial Imaging2018-09-24T16:56:46+08:00

VentricleOur experience in clinical trial imaging started with a customer’s participation in a clinical trial of an antihypertensive drug. The successful blood pressure control was in this case to be demonstrated by the regression of ventricular hypertrophy. Cardiac MRI was applied herewith to assess the left ventricular mass. Dated back to the end of 1990s cardiac MRI was totally a new field for clinical research and yet accepted as part of clinical practice. The capability of measuring the LV mass through scanning the whole left ventricle impressed us as much as the fact that advanced imaging techniques could find its utility in clinical trials and could serve the needs of pharmaceutical companies.

In the oncology context we provided service to a pharmaceutical company and their investigating radiologists who participated in a global trial on MRI contrast agent for detecting breast cancer. We assisted in establishing the scan and injection protocols for the MRI scanner and assured the dynamic contrast-enhanced breast MRI datasets meet the quality check and readable by independent reviewer.

With CT images and the mint Lesion software we also served another pharmaceutical company. The targeted therapeutics manufacturer wished to convince oncologists and their collaborating radiologists that tumor response evaluation with CT imaging provides further information to monitor the status of an ongoing regimen. We found that tumor response assessment with imaging can be traced in a transparent manner and it suggests to detect tumor progression earlier.