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//Imaging Core Lab / Imaging CRO
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tWAN Biotech provides professional support to following facets of imaging clinical trials:



Scan Management

  • Scanner Qualification
  • Site Qualification
  • Standardized Acquisition Protocol: Design and Implementation for Multicenter Trials
  • Standardizing Protocol for Contrast Agent Injection: Design and Implementation for Multicenter Trials
  • Standardization of Inter-Scanner Processing
  • Staff Training at Investigating Sites
  • Subject/Patient Consent Form to CT Exams
  • Management of Adverse Effect by CT Contrast Agent


Image Management

  • Image Flow Establishment
  • Storage Arrangement of Source Images and Processed Images
  • Image Quality Check
  • Image De-Identification on DICOM Tags
  • Image Normalization, for example Slice Thickness adjustment before Volumetry
  • Image Analysis with/without dedicated Analysis Software/Tool
  • Image Transfer from Investigating Site to Core Lab
  • Image Routing from Core Lab to Reading Room
  • Image Achieving and Backup


Data Management

  • Image Reading Report
  • Measurement/Analysis Report Generation
  • Export from Measurement Results on Image to Statistics and Electronic Capture
  • Data Backup
  • Data Export to Clinical Trial Management System
  • Data Management through EDC & eCRF
  • Entry of Imaging Data into eCRF
  • Image Data Integration into Electronic Data System
  • Digitalized Data Management with Electronic Data Capturing
  • Digitalized Data Management with Electronic Case Report Form


Imaging Project Management

  • Identifying Expert Readers
  • Appointing Project Team
  • Organizing Independent Review Board
  • Imaging Charter Development
  • Design Blinded Reading Mode, Single or Double with/without Adjudicator
  • Trial Workflow Management
  • Imaging Project Monitoring and Control


Imaging Response Criteria

Response evaluation criteria that tWAN Biotech utilizes including:

  • irRECIST 1.1
  • irRC (Immune-related Response Criteria)
  • Lugano Cassification 2014
  • RECIST 1.1/1.0
  • WHO
  • Choi
  • Volumetry

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