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tWAN Biotech offers design and management support of clinical studies and imaging clinical trials. We are pleased to design protocols for clients. Our expertise in project management will ensure the studies and trials to run smoothly.

We have conducted a contracted study into a new and novel approach to help children with ADHD. The traditional approach to helping ADHD children has been through drug treatment. However, the approach in this study has utilized specially designed exercises and routines that aim for a drug free treatment of ADHD. In order to validate the results we applied fMRI to show the changes this treatment has effected in the brain.

This ADHD case demonstrates a model for the operation of contract research. tWAN Biotech has the expertise and the know-how to help you conduct studies. Based on our experience we take every study subject seriously and do what is needed to succeed. In the case of the ADHD we involved parents at every stage of the fMRI scan aiming at comforting the children and acquiring the data with quality.



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