Product Overview


mint Lesion™ supports radiologists and oncologists in assessing the effectiveness of a cancer therapy. On the basis of medical image interpretation, it provides immediate feedback about individual patient cases or clinical trial patient cohorts in terms of whether and how patients are responding to a particular treatment.
mint Lesion™ is an approved medical product in the European Union (CE-labeled), the United States (FDA 510k-cleared), and further countries.

The development of mint Lesion™ is motivated by the Quantitative Imaging paradigm aiming to systematically optimize the effectiveness of patient treatment. By extraction of quantifiable features from medical images during treatment, mint Lesion™ is designed to meet the increasing demand for making an objective analysis of quantifiable, image-based response parameters an integral part of radiological and oncological practice. Several international initiatives and organizations are committed to advancing radiology from a largely qualitative to an increasingly quantitative science.

tWAN Biotech has formed the collaborationship with Mint Medical GmbH since 2011 and is entitled to provide the product and service in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and South East Asian Countries. lesion-management-platform



Fields of Application

  • Ÿmint Lesion™ as Tumor Response Evaluation Solution in clinical settings: Streamline the daily readings and benefit from instant access to in-depth knowledge about any lesion from various imaging modalities.
  • Ÿmint Lesion™ as a Clinical Trial Imaging Management System (CTIMS) in clinical pharmaceutical research: Optimize efficiency and quality of clinical trials and benefit from a 100 % compliance to your particular clinical trial protocol.
  • Ÿmint Lesion™ in Quantitative Imaging Research: Gain substantial contributions to research by linking your quantitative reading results and benefit from our unique flexibility in modeling individual criteria and procedures with mint Lesion™.


Key Features

  • Highly intuitive user interface, easy to get started
  • ŸStringent working concept to standardize and streamline the reading process
  • Improve efficiency and quality of daily tumor response evaluations
  • Various quantitative parameters support your assessment, including tumor density (HU) analysis, histogram analysis, and semi-automated tumor volumetry
  • Evaluation of arbitrary studies with unlimited follow-up timepoints and image data from various modalities
  • ŸSupport of multi-monitor and gray-scale monitor configurations to assess multiple studies at a glance
  • CE-compliant and FDA-510k cleared medical product for use in patient care (class II b)
  • ŸThin-Client Usage: Install once, have availability everywhere on all reading workstations
  • Seamless integration into your IT (RIS, PACS, EMR)
  • ŸAutomated generation of structured reports